Khao Manee for sale


Khao Manee for sale. The Khao Manee cat (Thai: RTGS: Khao Mani, lit. “white gem”), or Khao Plort (Thai:  lit. “complete white”), also known as the Diamond Eye cat, is a rare breed of cat originating in Thailand, which has an ancient ancestry tracing back hundreds of years. They are mentioned in the Tamra Maew, or Cat Book Poems. Khao Manee cats are pure white with a short, smooth, close-lying coat. They can have blue eyes, gold eyes or odd-eyes with one of each colour. The odd-eyed Khao Manee is the rarest variety. They are muscular, athletic cats of moderate foreign type and are reputed to be active, communicative and intelligent. Khao Manee for sale. Khao Manee for sale