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Bush Babies

Bushbaby In Depth Pet Care – bush baby pet for sale

Bushbaby Basics

Average Lifespan: Up to 25 Years.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a healthy quantity of protein, are required everyday in captivity. Eggs, protein biscuits, fruit, and vitamins make up the majority of our diet. Daily treats like as graham crackers, fig Newtons, raisins, or dates can be offered.

Baby Diet:
Babies suckle from their mothers or are fed simulation milk, similar to human baby formula, if they are hand-reared. This aids in human connection and later life management.

Size at Adulthood:

Approximately the size of a small rabbit, weighing 1-4 pounds.

Minimum Cage size:

Large parrot cages are preferable; I prefer twin macaw cages with multiple nest boxes and hammocks for sleeping and climbing.

Caring for a Bushbaby in Captivity


Because they are smaller animals, they do not require a particularly huge enclosure, albeit the larger the better. A pet Bushbaby would be out of the cage frequently, interacting with their people, and would not need a large cage if they had daily access to the house. This would provide them with the necessary physical and mental activity. If they are not allowed out, a larger cage would be required for a display or breeding bushbaby.

They are arboreal, meaning they prefer to spend their time up off the ground, however they will occasionally venture down for toys and enrichment. Enrichment comes in the form of branches and a sleeping box. Swings, hammocks, and dangling toys are also excellent choices. It’s critical to keep them out of the sun as much as possible.

They can be housed together and will benefit considerably from company, particularly if you are not awake at night.


Bushies are small, light, and easy to handle or carry on your shoulder. They appear to have moderate personalities, and even our non-hand-raised animals seem to be able to take some contact handling with no problems. bush baby pet for sale near Virginia

Bushbaby FAQs

Do they like baths?
Baths aren’t necessary for bushbabies. You can spot clean with baby wipes if necessary. bush baby pet for sale near Richmond, VA

Should I get two so my bushy will not be lonely?
They are nocturnal, and if they have another bushbaby to play with, their lives will be more interesting. While they do not require a buddy, having a cage mate is in their best interests. bush baby pet legal states

Do they require Vaccinations or shots?
They should be vaccinated against distemper, parvo, and rabies by a trained veterinarian. Every 3-6 months, deworming is also necessary.

Can I take my bushbaby outside?
Yes, if a bushbaby has been exposed to the outdoors since they were a baby, they will occasionally explore just a few feet away from you. bush baby pet cost

Do they have an odor or offensive smell?
They have scent glands and will leave their imprint on their cage and toys. The odor is not overpowering and may be managed with cleaning. You can spot clean on a daily basis or clean their entire cage once a week. It’s critical to clean the cage and accessories once a week to keep them healthy.

How are they with other pets?
They will get along with other creatures of comparable size, but you run the danger of injuring one or both of them if you introduce any species.


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