Desert Ironclad Beetle for sale


Desert Ironclad Beetle for sale

Desert Ironclad Beetle for sale, This is a species native to the deserts of the Southwestern United States, mainly the Sonora desert.  This beetle has been known to play dead when threatened. Buy Desert Ironclad Beetle

They are increasingly becoming popular due to their ease of care, hardiness, and longevity.

The Blue Feigning Death Beetle grows around 18–21 mm (0.71–0.83 in) from head to abdomen. The powdery blue hue coloring the beetles is due to a wax secreted throughout their bodies that keeps them from losing moisture.  Males are a tad bit smaller than females.

Even though the majority of captive beetles are wild-caught, blue death feigning beetles suit very well in captivity, being common and even popular in zoos and insectariums.  These insects are becoming increasingly popular as pets. Desert Ironclad Beetle