White Heckle Eggs for sale


White Heckle Eggs for sale

The term “White Heckle” doesn’t directly translate to a specific breed of chicken or hatching eggs. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Misspelling: “Heckle” might be a misspelling of “Hackle,” which refers to the feathers on the neck of a rooster. In this case, “White Heckle Eggs” could indicate eggs from a breed known for white feathers on the rooster’s neck. eggs online order gamefowl hatching

  2. Heritage Breed with White Neck Hackles: There are many heritage chicken breeds with white neck hackles. Here are a few examples:

    • Silver Laced Wyandottes:

      These chickens have a beautiful silver and white laced body pattern with white neck hackles.

    • Dominique:These chickens have a barred grey and white plumage pattern with white underparts and often have white neck hackles.
    • Polish White Crested:These chickens are known for their large white crests and white plumage, though roosters may have some colored feathers, including white in the neck hackle area.

Finding Hatching Eggs:

If you’re interested in these breeds or others with white neck hackles, here are some resources to help you find hatching eggs:

  • Hatcheries: Search online for poultry hatcheries near you. Many sell hatching eggs from various breeds.
  • Breed Associations: Many chicken breed associations have breeder directories listing members who sell hatching eggs. Find associations for breeds you’re interested in.
  • Online Marketplaces: Exercise caution with online marketplaces like Etsy or eBay. Always check seller reviews and ask questions about the eggs, breeding practices, and confirmation the breed is not intended for fighting. hatching eggs online order gamefowl

Important Considerations:

  • Hatching vs Chicks: Chicks might be easier for beginners than hatching eggs, requiring less specialized care.
  • Shipping: Shipped hatching eggs need careful handling and temperature control to maintain viability.
  • Hatching and Raising: Successfully hatching eggs and raising chicks requires research on proper incubation, brooding, and general poultry care.