Murphy Whitehackle Gamefowl


Absolutely! Here’s what you need to know about Murphy Whitehackle Gamefowl:

Origin: The Murphy Whitehackle strain is named after T.W. Murphy, a prominent breeder who championed the Whitehackle line. These birds carry on the legacy of the original Kearney Whitehackle.

Appearance: Like Kearney Whitehackles, Murphy Whitehackles boast pure white hackle feathers and often yellow or green legs. They possess compact and muscular bodies with a medium station. gamefowl for sale

Bloodlines: Murphy Whitehackles are highly sought after for particular bloodlines within their breed. Some prized bloodlines include:

  • Butcher: Known for their aggressive cutting style
  • Claret: Valued for gameness and fighting ability
  • Gull: Recognized for exceptional power

Fighting Style: Murphy Whitehackles are power hitters with deep gameness. They tend to fight in the air, with exceptional shifting capabilities. These birds are aggressive and intelligent, with well-timed and accurate strikes. game roosters for sale

Importance: Murphy Whitehackles are a popular breed within gamefowl circles, known for their beauty and fighting prowess. sweater gamefowl 

Important Note: Cockfighting is a controversial practice that is in many parts of the world due to concerns about animal cruelty. If you are interested in these birds, it’s best to focus on their history and appearance rather than the aspect of fighting. murphy gamefowl