Cory Male African Grey For Sale

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Cory Male African Grey For Sale

Male African Grey parrots, also known as Congo African Greys, share many of the same characteristics as their female counterparts, but there are some subtle differences. Here’s what you might find with a male African Grey:

Behavioral Characteristics

  1. Intelligence and Social Behavior
    • Highly intelligent and capable of learning and mimicking a wide range of sounds, including human speech. congo parrot african grey
    • Social birds that form strong bonds with their owners and require daily interaction.
  2. Temperament
    • Can be affectionate and enjoy physical contact, such as head scratches.
    • Known to be sensitive and can become stressed if their environment is not stimulating or if they are neglected.
  3. Vocalization
    • Can learn to mimic words and sounds, sometimes using them in context.
    • Regularly communicate through calls, whistles, and other sounds.

NAME: Cory


Breed: African Grey

AGE: 9 Months Old
Registration: Yes

Status: Available!!!