finger monkey


finger monkey

The finger monkey you’ve heard of is actually the pygmy marmoset, the smallest true monkey species in the world!

Here’s why they’re called finger monkeys:

  • Tiny size: Their body length is only about 4.6 to 6.0 inches (117 to 152 millimeters), with a tail even longer than their body at 6.8 to 9.0 inches (172 to 229 millimeters). This makes them small enough to cling to a human finger, much like how other monkeys cling to branches.
  • Claws, not thumbs: Unlike some monkeys with opposable thumbs, finger monkeys have claws on all their digits except the big toe. These sharp claws help them climb and navigate through the dense rainforest canopy. finger monkey for sale

Here’s some additional information about pygmy marmosets:

  • Habitat: They live in the tropical rainforests of western Amazon basin in South America, particularly near rivers and in areas with thick vegetation.
  • Diet: Omnivorous, eating fruits, insects, tree sap, nectar, and small invertebrates.
  • Social Behavior: They live in family groups of 2 to 9 individuals, with at least one breeding pair. All members of the group help care for the young, which are typically twins.
  • Communication: Communicate through a variety of vocalizations, including chirps, trills, and whistles.

While they can be cute and fascinating creatures, finger monkeys (pygmy marmosets) are not ideal pets. They have complex social needs and require a specialized environment that’s difficult to replicate in captivity. Their habitat loss due to deforestation is also a major concern. Buy finger monkey