Buy White Hackle Gamefowl


Absolutely! Here’s some information about White Hackle Gamefowl:

  • General Overview: White Hackle refers to a broad category of gamefowl strains characterized by their distinctive white hackle feathers (feathers around the neck) and either green or yellow legs. Popular strains within the White Hackle family include Kearney Whitehackles and Murphy Whitehackles.

  • History: These gamefowl strains have a rich history often intertwined with cockfighting. Famous examples like the Kearney Whitehackle date back to the 1800s. murphy gamefowl

  • Appearance: While having the signature pure white hackles, these birds can also have spangled patterns. They have sturdy, medium-station builds with dense feathering. gamefowl shop

  • Fighting Style: White Hackle gamefowl are praised for their:

    • Agility: Quick and shifty both on the ground and in the air.
    • Cutting Ability: Known for their powerful cutting strikes.
    • Intelligence: Often called “ring generals” due to their ability to strategize effectively during fights.
  • Breeding: White Hackle gamefowl are valuable for crossbreeding to add gameness and fighting ability to other gamefowl lines. Gamefowl for sale