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Buy Sweater Hen

A Sweater Hen refers to a specific type of American Gamefowl known for its distinctive “sweatshirt-like” feather pattern.


  • Coloration: The defining feature of a Sweater Hen is its unique plumage. Their bodies are typically a light grayish-blue, while the head and neck feathers are a contrasting red or ginger color. This unique combination creates the “sweatshirt” appearance.
  • Body type: Sweater Hens are medium-sized birds with a well-built, athletic frame. They have strong legs and well-developed muscles, reflecting their historical breeding for cockfighting (although this practice is now illegal in most parts of the world).

History and controversy:

  • Origins: The exact origin of Sweater Hens is unclear, but they are believed to have been developed in the Philippines through selective breeding.
  • Cockfighting: Unfortunately, Sweater Hens, like other gamefowl breeds, were historically bred for cockfighting, a cruel and inhumane practice. While cockfighting is now illegal in most parts of the world, the ethical implications of owning these birds remain a sensitive topic.