Buy Striped Kenyan Sand Boa


Species:Eryx colubrinus


Length:7-9 inches

Other Info:Multiple Animals Available – Pics May Vary

Buy Striped Kenyan Sand Boa online, The baby striped Kenyan sand boa is one of the basic recessive Kenyan Sand Boa morphs. Our striped Kenyan sand boas for sale are feeding and healthy.

Buy Striped Kenyan Sand Boa online, Whether you are a beginner or an expert in snake care, Kenyan sand boas make amazing pets. They are very small, with the males only reaching 18″ as adults and adult females topping out at 30″. They are indigenous to the Northeast of Africa and are as prolific in their geographical range as corn snakes are in the United States of America. They are extremely hardy, enjoy being handled and are very small and docile. These are all important factors when choosing Kenyan sand boas as pets. Buy Striped Kenyan Sand Boa