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Because they are such fierce combatants, radios can have both advantages and disadvantages. They aren’t really smart fighters, as Johnny Jumper points out, because their primary strategy is to move forward for the kill whether they win or lose. A stronger warrior will lunge toward the knife and instantly perish. But because of their inherent aggression, Radios usually take the first hit. Gamefowl for sale

The Radios pulled together a highly regarded winning run sometime in the 1980s and 90s because the birds’ aggressiveness allowed them to win quickly. The Radio is a little slower now than other modern gamefowl, so pairing it with a faster and more intelligent bloodline could help increase its chances of winning a fight in the pit. For sale: radio

The Radio, being a combination of Whitehackle and Kelso, has a propensity to overcut. After battling in the pit, they either emerge clean and alive or severely hurt from too much scuttling, as radios may defeat an unconventional gamefowl very quickly. When their opponent is down, radios can break high with the mortal slash and are too quick to stop their opponent by repeatedly shuffling hits on top of them. The station of the radio is medium-high.