Sunny Buy Male African Grey For Sale

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Sunny Buy Male African Grey For Sale

Buy Male African Grey For Sale

While there are no major visual differences between male and female African Grey Parrots, understanding their general characteristics and specific care needs can help ensure they are well looked after. African Greys are intelligent and social birds, african grey parrots for sale, and their care requirements are quite extensive.

Physical Characteristics

  1. Size and Weight
    • Length: Approximately 12-14 inches (30-36 cm) from head to tail.
    • Weight: Around 14-18 ounces (400-500 grams).
  2. Plumage
    • Both males and females have a similar appearance: grey plumage with variations from light to dark.
    • Congo African Greys have bright red tail feathers, while Timneh African Greys have darker, maroon-colored tails.
  3. Beak and Eyes
    • Strong black beak for cracking nuts and seeds.
    • Eyes transition from dark grey in juveniles to yellow in adults.

Name: Sunny

Sex: Male

Age: 8 Months Old

DNA Tested: Yes

Breed: Congo African Grey

Price: $1600