Buy Kelso Game Fighting Fowl


Buy Kelso Game Fighting Fowl

Appearance: Fierce
Agility: 9.5/10
Type: Offensive Fighter
Records: 4 Draws, 1 Loss, 25 Wins.
Fight Score: 9.5/10
Fight Ratings: Excellent
Star Ratings: 4 STARS

I understand you’re interested in Kelso Game Fighting Fowl, which refers to the Kelso Gamefowl breed primarily known for its historical association with cockfighting. While cockfighting and cruel in most parts of the world, it’s important to be aware of the ethical concerns surrounding the breed and its history before making any decisions.

Here’s a breakdown of the information:

Kelso Gamefowl:

  • Breed: American Gamefowl variety developed by Walter A. Kelso
  • Appearance: Medium-sized, athletic birds with various color variations, most notably the “Kelso Silver” (silver-white body with black or red accents).
  • Fighting style: Known for their intelligence, cunning, and ground fighting prowess.

Ethical concerns:

  • Historical association with cockfighting: This raises concerns about perpetuating a cruel and inhumane practice.
  • Potential for aggressive behavior: Due to their breeding history, these birds may still retain strong aggressive instincts, requiring experienced handling.

Buy Kelso Game Fighting Fowl