Buy Archer Sweater Gamefowl


Buy Archer Sweater Gamefowl

Archer Sweater Gamefowl” likely refers to a specific breeder or farm specializing in raising and breeding a type of gamefowl called the Sweater.

Sweater Gamefowl are a specific bloodline within the American Gamefowl breed known for their:

  • Distinct coloration: They often have a unique “sweatshirt-like” pattern of feathers, with dark grey or black bodies and lighter grey or white heads and necks.
  • Fighting prowess: Like other gamefowl breeds, they were historically bred for cockfighting, emphasizing traits like aggression, stamina, and agility. It’s important to remember that cockfighting is illegal in most parts of the world, including the United States. game roosters for sale
  • Exhibition qualities: Their striking appearance makes them popular in poultry shows and competitions.

Archer Sweater Gamefarm seems to be a farm based in Davao, Philippines, specializing in breeding and showcasing Sweater Gamefowl.

Appearance: Fierce
Agility: 7.7/10
Type: Offensive Fighter
Records: 12 Draws, 4 Losses, 14 Wins.
Fight Score: 7.6/10
Fight Ratings: Good
Star Ratings: 3 STARS