bearded dragon

$100.00 $80.00

Gorgeous Greg bearded dragon and 4ft vivarium $100
Sad sale, we need to rehome our lovely Greg the bearded dragon. He is approximately 1yr 4 months (as wasn’t sure on age from the reptile shop we bought him from). Very friendly and loves a cuddle and stroke, and used to running around the living room and sunbathing in the warmer spots! Reluctant sale, but since my little boy started school, we just don’t have the time and attention to give him that he deserves. He comes with full set up, 4ft vivarium, bulbs, made to measure tiled floor and logs etc for his tank. Small tank for keeping his food in and water/food bowl. Any questions, please ask, and viewings welcome. Many thanks
The Type of Bearded Dragon You Get

There are different colors, breeds, sizes, and types of bearded dragons and if you want a specifically sized dragon that’s a particular color…it’s going to cost extra. The more unique your bearded dragon the more expensive it can be. Some breeders have waiting lists for their dragons and prices can go as high as copy,200.00 for very rare dragons.