Baby kingkajou

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Originating In The Tropics Of Mexico And South America Ranging From The East And South Of The Sierra Madres And Central To Southern Mexico Coasts On To Beni, Bolivia, And Deep Into Brazil
Can Reach Lengths Up To 16-30 Inches About The Size Of A House Cat
Females Will Bear 1-2 Young At A Time
With Proper Care, These Mammals Can Live Up To 23-25 Years In Captivity
This Species Is Related To The Racoon And Is Not Apart Of The Primate Family
They Have A Prehensile Tail Which Means Its Able To Wrap Around Tree Limbs And Grasp Them Firmly To Balance Or Hang From
These Are Amazing Animals With Docile And Playful Temperaments That Are Always Up For Cuddling Or Getting Riled Up And Climbing Around